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The MuSeele is a museum of the history of psychiatry in the psychiatric hospital Christophsbad in Göppingen, Germany. It is located on the top floor of the Alte Badhaus in the hospital Christophsbad in Göppingen.

The MuSeele is anything but ordinary. With artistic inspiration the themes of the soul and nerve medicine in scene. The soul is understood as a comprehensive concept, which points far beyond the pathological. We cooperate with many similar European institutions, in a spirit of collegial competition and ultimately with each other, to address the concerns of the soul worlds. With our efforts we want to touch emotionally, sometimes even irritate; certainties are rare.

Opening Hours

Wednesday: 2-4 pm

Sunday: 4-6 pm


2 Euro per person

Guided Tours

max 20 person, once 30€ in addition to the entrance fee

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